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Professional Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance Charlotte NC


Proper lawn and greenery care for your property is the quickest and simplest way to providing your property with an aesthetic boost, and the necessary care needed to promote healthy growth. Barker Brothers have been the local source of professional lawn care Matthews NC can count on for many years, bringing you the widest variety of services in order to ensure you get the care you need. For a one call solution to your lawn care needs, we invite you to call at any time.

From lawn mowing services to seeding and lawn aeration services, and all options in between, we put the necessary time and effort into every last one of our service options in order to ensure that your results will always bring more than you expect. When choosing the experienced touch of Barker Brothers for your lawn maintenance Charlotte NC needs, you have the access you need to a wide variety of lawn care options that will keep your property looking beautiful. We provide you with a means to a beautiful property that you can enjoy, and breathe easier knowing that your greenery is properly cared for.

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Landscaping with Isaac Barker

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We are dedicated to ensuring that Mint Hill has at their disposal the access to professional services for their lawn care needs. Though these services may be offered by a wide variety of sources in the city, only those with the extensive experience and work history in the city can provide you with the best possible results. We bring you a lawn care service that puts focus on attention to detail, and to ensuring that your satisfaction is always surpassed, no matter how big or small your service needs may be.

Lawn Mowing | Leaf Removal | Aeration & Seeding

Charlotte Lawn Mowing Service

We built our company on the back of our lawn mowing services. Being one of our longest lasting offerings, you can be sure that the level of quality we bring will be unmatched in the city. We provide you with the necessary attention to detail, with no cut corners, and thorough results. Providing you not only the means to a beautiful lawn, but the care needed to promote healthy and green growth all through the season.

Leaf Removal Service Charlotte

When fall comes about and the leaves of the trees become the leaves scattered across your lawn, the necessary cleanup is needed to keep your aesthetic look, and to declutter your property. At times, the capability to deal with it all yourself is out of your hands, and you may find yourself in need of professional removal services and Barker Brothers is here to deliver. We provide you with a thorough service that handles all aspects of leaf removal.

Seeding and Lawn Aeration Charlotte NC

A lawn aeration service prepares your property for the growing season by giving better access to seeds below the surface where growth can take hold. Choosing this service from Barker Brothers gives you the means to kick start your growth, and to ensure that the spring will be met with healthy grass. If you’ve been having issues with normal growth, this particular service may be just the answer you need.

Call us today to talk about what we can do to help you with your lawn maintenance Charlotte NC needs!

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Hedge Trimming | Planting | Mowing & Mulch

Hedge Trimming Service

Professional hedge trimming not only provides you with the means to keep your greenery looking great, but also gives the necessary culling of growth needed to ensure a healthier plant. We bring you a service that knows the best means to provide results, ensuring that you can avoid hedge burn, and get effective sun and water to all necessary locations in your hedges and shrubs, bringing long-term assistance to the growth of your plants.


We bring you the means to plant all manner of growth on your property. From trees, to shrubs, grass and more, we know the exact means in which to bring the best possible results, and the local soil in Mint Hill, ensuring that your planting will take hold and have the best chances of success. Choosing local experience will bring you the means to the best possible results, and a beautiful property solution for your needs.

Weed Treatments & Mulch Charlotte NC

We deliver the city a wide range of services when it comes to lawn care. From aeration to a professional lawn fertilization service and more. Whatever the lawn mowing services you need, you can be sure that we use only the highest quality products with a proven history of effectiveness. Making the choice to bring in Barker Brothers for your lawn care needs will give you the best chance at healthy growth, and a beautiful looking lawn.

Let's talk today to go over exciting options for your home! 

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The first step to getting the Charlotte NC lawn care services you need is to pick up the phone. Barker Brothers brings you the access you need to speak directly with one of our professionals, to obtain more information on what we bring to your property, and to better understand the associated costs. Whether you need lawn care services, mulch delivery or more, you can depend on our experts to provide you with the results you’re looking for, and the simplest means possible to obtain those necessary offerings through our dedicated approach to customer service and making your call feel valued.

“I have been using Barker Brothers services for my lawn mowing for many years now. The service they bring is attentive and thorough, and leaves nothing left for me to do afterwards but water. I don’t know what I would do without them and their crews.” – Gabriel S.

“Every fall I call in Barker Brothers to handle lead removal services. Getting up there in age, and having many trees on my property make for a difficult time of things. They are through in their work, and bag and dispose of all leaves in the process, which is a great addition.” – Kirk C.

“Since the first time I used Barker Brothers to aerate my lawn in the spring, I have been noticing better growth on my lawn. Now I make sure that once the snows start to melt, that I call and make an appointment for my next service.” – Betty N.