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The Best Lawn Care Services in Ballantyne

Take a drive through Ballantyne, and it quickly becomes evident that residents of this neighborhood take great pride in maintaining beautiful lawns. At Barker Brothers, we know that it takes consistent hard work to achieve that perfectly-manicured look, and we’re here to help. We are a team of experienced landscaping professionals offering year-round lawn care services perfectly tailored to suit your lawn’s unique needs. With deep roots in the Charlotte area, we are experts in the climate and native foliage of Ballantyne; together with our strong eye for detail and relentless pursuit of quality, this is what makes us the landscaping service of choice for Ballantyne residents.

Ballantyne Lawn Mowing Services

We built our business on our lawn mowing services, and they continue to be one of our most in-demand offerings today. We expertly groom your grass, whether it’s Fescue, Bermuda, or one of the other grass types native to the Ballantyne area. To give your lawn a picture-perfect finish, our keen eye for detail extends to the edges of your lawn, which we’ll trim to precision. We also manage clippings based on your lawn’s specific needs and your preferences, leaving them in place when your grass needs extra TLC, or removing them when your lawn is in good health.

Ballantyne Leaf Removal Services

Autumn leaves may look picture perfect, but they can destroy your lawn if allowed to pile up on the ground. Our leaf raking services ensure that ground cover is swiftly and thoroughly removed so that sunlight and other nutrients can reach your lawn, keeping your grass in beautiful condition year-round (and allowing you to relax and enjoy your fall weekends). Call us today for a quote – we’re confident that you’ll find our leaf removal prices to be very reasonable.

Ballantyne Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn aeration just might be the best-kept secret to achieving that perfectly-manicured look for your lawn. We’ll carefully roll over your lawn, leaving tiny holes in the soil to allow water, seeds, and fertilizer to more effectively reach below the surface, setting your grass up for beautiful spring growth. Our experts will recommend the best aeration plan for your lawn, which often includes a spring service as well as a fall service; our lawn seeding services and lawn fertilizing services can also be included in your lawn care plan to further stimulate growth.

Other Ballantyne Landscaping Services

Beyond our core lawn services, we also offer a full suite of landscaping services to suit your property’s needs. Our team of professionals will work with you to build the perfect plan to nurture your greenery, including hedge trimming and shrubbery maintenance, planting and gardening, and mulching and weeding services.

Contact us today to learn more; our team of experts is ready and waiting to work with you on a plan to deliver the lawn of your dreams. We’re confident you’ll quickly see why Barker Brothers is Ballantyne’s first choice for landscaping companies and the best lawn care service.


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