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For over 25 years my brother Seth and I have found immense joy in landscaping.  Working with the earth for so many years not only provided us with a hands-on knowledge of how it grows, but also created a passion for learning all we can about beautifying the pieces of earth we call our own.  I hope these articles on landscaping in Charlotte are valuable in helping you make your piece of earth beautiful!


Going Bananas over Monkey Grass – Liriope

January 18, 2019 | 0 Comments

“Lih-rye-oh-pee”, “Lih-ree-ope”, or just plain old “Monkey Grass”. Whatever you call it, many of us have, and appreciate, this ornamental plant in our landscape. A hardy plant that is more closely related to asparagus than grass, it tolerates sun or shade, and a variety of soil conditions. In the Charlotte Metro Area, this ornamental plant…

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“I have been using Barker Brothers services for my lawn mowing for many years now. The service they bring is attentive and thorough, and leaves nothing left for me to do afterwards but water. I don’t know what I would do without them and their crews.” - Gabriel S.

“Every fall I call in Barker Brothers to handle lead removal services. Getting up there in age, and having many trees on my property make for a difficult time of things. They are through in their work, and bag and dispose of all leaves in the process, which is a great addition.” – Kirk C.

“Since the first time I used Barker Brothers to aerate my lawn in the spring, I have been noticing better growth on my lawn. Now I make sure that once the snows start to melt, that I call and make an appointment for my next service.” – Betty N.

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