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Planting & Professional Landscaping Matthews NC

Beautifying your property can be attained through a number of means, one of which being the addition of new trees, gardens, hedges and more. When looking for the means to get these plants off on the best possible footing, choosing your local lawn care services experts brings the experienced touch you need. We have been providing our landscaping services in Matthews NC, as well as Charlotte and Mint Hill for many years, and only bring the most knowledgeable experts when it comes to providing you with the planting assistance you need.

Knowing the Plant

The first step in an effective planting service is knowing the needs and growth patterns of each type of plant. Certain species require planet of sun, some have more of an emphasis on water requirements, and so on. Knowing these details about each plant type is important in order to ensure that each is being planted in a location that’s as beneficial as possible to that species. This level of knowledge only comes with providing plant services for many years, and bringing a variety of offerings in the treatment of each of those variety of species.

Local Soil

The second step required is the local knowledge of the soil composition. Certain types of soil are beneficial to certain types of plants, and when trying to put particular types into improper soil, you can see stunted growth, or continual plant death. When you have an idea regarding the types of plants you would like brought to your property, you can depend on the input brought to you by experienced professionals that will inform you of the chances of success. We always aim to bring you the results you want, and in knowing what is optional for certain Mint Hill soil types works towards that.


Our experts deliver more than just great lawn care services, and when it comes to bringing gardens to your property, you can depend on the most reliable results. Implementing a flower or vegetable garden on your property can be for a number of reasons, and yet the most difficult part of this installation is the initial planting. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to put into this particular property addition, yet would still like to have one put into place, you can rely on the expertise that Barker Brothers delivers. We give you the means to transform your property as you see fit.

Trees & Hedges

Planting trees and hedges are a long-term investment to your property, and one that will provide the best results the year after they’re planted. Yet in order to ensure that the following years are met with healthy and beautiful plants, the initial implementation of the saplings needs to be efficient and proper. When choosing Barker Brothers for these items brought to your property, you can depend on our professionals to bring a thorough planting, staking, and protection from the elements in order to give your plants the best chances at a great head start on the next growing season.

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