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The Best Lawn Care Services in Matthews, NC

At Barker Brothers, we understand that you love your lawn, even if you may not love the hours of strenuous work required to maintain it. That’s why we offer a full suite of landscaping services designed to keep your lawn in beautiful condition year-round. Our team of professionals are experts in Matthews lawn care, and can work with you to design a suite of lawn care services that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Matthews Lawn Mowing Services

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass to signal that spring has arrived, and whether your lawn is made up of Fescue, Bermuda, or another type of grass local to the Matthews area, our lawn cutting services ensure it stays beautiful and healthy year-round. We bring a keen eye for detail to all of our work, and include edge trimming with our mowing services to give your lawn a clean and precise finish. Our team of experts can also recommend the best way to handle your clippings; if your lawn is in need of nourishment, we advise leaving clippings in place, or we can remove them from healthy lawns.

Matthews Leaf Removal Services

While the changing leaves in the fall may look beautiful, they can wreak havoc on your lawn. As leaves fall and begin to cover your grass, they block sunlight and other nutrients from reaching the ground, essentially suffocating your lawn. If you’d rather not spend your weekends removing ground cover, our leaf raking services will keep your lawn in optimal shape while you relax. We offer free instant quotes on leaf removal prices – it’s as easy as filling out our short form.

Matthews Lawn Aeration Services

If you’ve been struggling to get your lawn into the best possible shape, aeration may be the right solution for you. With our aeration service, we put small holes in the top layer of your lawn to allow seeds and water to get below the surface; this helps kick start your lawn’s growth, setting you up for a beautiful lawn throughout the year. We recommend aerating your lawn just ahead of the spring growing season and again in the fall, and can pair this with lawn fertilizing services or lawn seeding services to help you get the most out of your lawn.

Other Matthews Landscaping Services

We go beyond just keeping your lawn in optimal shape – we also offer hedge trimming and shrubbery services to manage growth and beautify your property, planting and gardening services to keep your trees and garden in the best possible health, and mulching and weeding services to keep your lawn in picture-perfect condition. Contact us today to learn more about these services, request a quote, or design the perfect landscaping plan for your property, whether it be large or small.

With our attention to detail and dedication to quality, we think you’ll agree that Barker Brothers offers the best landscaping and lawn care service in Matthews, NC and the greater Charlotte area.


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