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Lawn Seeding Services & Lawn Aeration Charlotte NC

Getting a jump start on the growing season has always been a goal of homeowners, and one of the most effective means of doing so is through a professional lawn aeration service. Barker Brothers has been bringing this option to the Charlotte area for many years, and have become a staple service to many property owners in the area. If you’ve been struggling in getting your lawn looking its best starting with the springtime growth, then looking into this particular service may be right for you.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration is one of the lawn care services we bring to the city in order to provide your lawn the means to start its growing season effectively. With the right equipment, we roll your lawn putting perfectly spaced holes within the top layer, opening it up to seed and watering in a way that allows these beneficial items to get below the surface where they can effectively begin the growth cycle. This allows your grass to have the right head start as it’s performed prior to spring growth, and often once again during the fall to set the stage for next season.

Professional Delivery

When calling upon Barker Brothers for your lawn aeration services, you can depend on our experts to bring the right equipment, the necessary expertise, and the desire to perform your required services to satisfaction. Many homeowners across the city have depended on this service for their properties over the course of years, and it’s only through the quality of the work we bring that the service has grown to encompass all the properties it does in Mint Hill & Matthews. Making the choice to bring in the pros is an investment in the aesthetic of your property, and we ensure a green return.

Growing Seasons

Lawn aeration services are brought to your property typically twice a year, once in the spring and another in the fall. During the spring, seeding and fertilization allow for the initial growth season to be kicked off on the right foot, and when done in the fall prepares your property to get a head start on the next spring. This particular option for your property is all about preparing your lawn, providing the foundation it needs to have a great start to the most important seasons you will face across the year.

Lawn Seeding Services

When providing these lawn fertilizer services for your property, one of the most efficient couplings to bring with it is seeding. If you have stubborn grass that has a tough time getting going in the spring, then choosing this particular combination of services can give you the best possible start when it comes to growing seasons. Making the choice to get your lawn handled with care is putting the required fertilizer into getting a lush green lawn for your property, providing you the space you’re looking for. With the experienced touch of Barker Brothers, you have the ability to enjoy the lawn you’ve always wanted all season.

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