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Lawn Mowing Charlotte NC

The first of the Matthews lawn care services we bring to the Mint Hill and Charlotte areas is effective lawn mowing. This activity is a staple in owning a lawn, yet one that can be time consuming and tiring, especially in an area or with a grass type that requires service and attention quite often. If you’re looking to rely on a professional company to take the burden off your shoulders, then choosing the quality services that Barker Brothers provides will ensure you have the necessary care delivered all through the growing seasons.

Lawn Care Matthews NC

Mowing not only keeps your property aesthetically pleasing, but provides the necessary culling of growth that will keep your grass healthy and lush. If you’ve bene looking for assistance in the care of your lawn, taking the responsibility out of your hands while still ensuring that your property looks its best at all times, you can be sure that Barker Brothers has the necessary equipment and experts for your needs. We are here to ensure that you can step out and enjoy your lawn at all times, and rest easy knowing that it’s continually getting the necessary care for results.


In providing thorough and attentive lawn mowing services, every aspect of the activity needs to be taken into account. This includes ensuring that once the bulk of the mowing is finished, that we take the time necessary to focus on the edges. This gives your lawn a uniform look, and ensures that there aren’t areas that are allowed too much growing time. We take the steps to provide efficient and effective trimming with the right equipment, choosing not to cut any corners, and only to cut the grass required., When choosing Barker Brothers for your needs, you can depend on a complete service.

Clipping Removal

One unavoidable result of lawn mowing services is the clippings left behind, and the choices you make in how to deal with them can have different effects on your lawn. If you choose to allow the materials to stay where they lay, the eventual breakdown will feed the remainder of your lawn with necessary nutrients, and provide more means to healthy growth. Yet if your lawn is already in good green shape, then choosing to have them removes can be more beneficial. We provide you with the options you need to bring the best result to your property.

Scheduling Options

Lawn mowing is a service for your property that needs to be delivered a number of times over the course of growing seasons, and when choosing Barker Brothers for your lawn care services, you can be sure that we bring you the means to schedule accordingly, and in a manner, that will be most beneficial to you. If you choose a scheduled service from our professionals, you can expect prompt arrival, quick and attentive services, and the results that bring you a green and beautiful lawn. When lawn mowing services are on your mind, Barker Brothers brings you the most experienced options for your needs.

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