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Weed Treatments & Mulch Charlotte NC

If you’ve seen a lawn around your Mint Hill neighborhood that you’ve aspired to attaining, it can seem simple on the surface. With the right lawn care, and some watering, the beauty of the lawn comes forward, and the results are obvious. However, there are a lot of services required to getting the best looking lush lawn for your property, and Barker Brothers has the expertise needed to deliver each one with the same level of quality and attention to the needs of your lawn.

Lawn Seeding Services

The primary means to a lush and beautiful lawn is having full growth. If you have patches on your property that simply refuse to grow, looking into professional seeding services can be the right course of action to remedy this. Barker Brothers brings you the experienced service needed to ensure that you get the exact seeding type that will match your growth, creating a uniform appearance, and set the template on which the remainder of lawn mowing services will be built upon. You can depend on our professions to bring you the services needed to create a lush property ready to beautify.

Lawn Fertilization Services

On top of proper seeding, ensuring that your sprouts in waiting have the means to necessary nutrients is vital. When choosing Barker Brothers for your lawn fertilization services, you can depend on our experts to bring the perfect blend of ingredients that will provide the best for your particular grass growth. Ensuring that your fertilization is specifically tuned to your growth is important in order to ensure that you don’t have grass burn, and that each blade gets the right balance of nutrients for its particular growth requirements. This brings you the best possible growth results throughout the spring.

Weed Control Service

Of course, one of the most common lawn care services is weed care. Dealing with these invading species is a struggle that each property owner in the Charlotte area has faced at one time or another, and Barker Brothers has the specialized lawn care services needed to sort out the weeds from the desired growth. When getting required weed care, you want to ensure that the products used will treat the weeds while keeping your grass safe, and this is the endeavor of Barker Brothers landscaping services in Matthews NC. We provide you with the results you need, separating weeds from your lawn, and creating a beautiful, uniform space.

Mulch Charlotte NC

Mulch can be used after a variety of lawn care services, whether lawn mowing or leaf removal. With the right level of nitrogen in your lawns fertilizer, you have the capability to leave clippings as they fall, knowing that you have the right ingredients in place to instigate organic breakdown, and feeding the underlying lawn. When choosing Barker Brothers for your fertilization and mulch services, you can depend on our level of knowledge to bring you the end results you’re looking for, and the means in which to turn mulch delivery into a lush and beautiful lawn you can be proud to display.

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