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Hedge Trimming Service

A means in which to keep your hedges looking great all year round, and providing the necessary assistance to their growth is through professional hedge trimming services. Barker Brothers are your local area experts with the necessary knowledge in bringing your hedge the attention needed to grow happy and healthy, and keep your property looking beautiful. Whether you need growth control services, or a more aesthetic finish to your hedge rows, you can count on our experts to have the services you need.

Scheduled Hedge Trimming Services

An effective way to ensure that your hedges are always in the best shape and condition, is having a scheduled service brought to your property year-round. Barker Brothers brings you many options when it comes to the schedule you need, and through each of them always focus on providing you the experienced touch needed to keep your hedges looking great. If you’re looking for a service that will keep your property looking its best, and providing the necessary care that promote healthy growth, you can breathe easier knowing that your greenery will continually have the professional touch needed for the best results.

Effective Growth Culling

The larger your hedges, the more nutrients and water needed in order to allow them the most effective growth. As well, bringing professional growth culling services will ensure that your hedges don’t spread to an area outside your planned zones. Our hedge trimming services are aimed at bringing you the control you need over your property additions, and ensuring that they have the means to grow happy and healthy within that dedicated space. This not only keeps your hedges looking aesthetically pleasing, but also ensures that they have the perfect size and shape to provide effective time of growth.

Preventing Hedge Burn

A key feature to choosing a professional hedge trimming service versus taking the matter into your own hands, is understanding the way in which is most effective to provide said trimming. If you haphazardly start cutting into your hedges, you can find bare spots, overgrown spots, uneven finish and more, which provides too much space for the sun to get into. The foliage on your hedges provides the root and stem the necessary protection from the sun, keeping it from being overheated and eventually killing the entire hedge due to burn. Our professionals provide knowledgeable trimming that protects from these potential effects.

Shrubbery Services

Though many homeowners think of hedges and shrubs as interchangeable species, there are important differences between the two, and the care required for each. When choosing Barker Brothers Landscaping for your lawn care services, you can be sure that we provide services to both forms of growth in the most effective means. This provides you with the knowledge that you have both the aesthetic finish you’re looking for, and also the means to effective and controlled growth all year round. This combination of services and approaches will keep your Charlotte NC, Matthews and/or Mint Hill hedges and shrubbery looking their absolute best all year round.

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